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Spark plugSpark plug
NGK B6HS Spark plug suitable for various Ducati models…
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Clutch inspection cover screwsClutch inspection cover screws
1pr of clutch inspection cover screws.  Raised and slotted screws as originals, bright zinc plate finish. Co…
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Petrol PipePetrol Pipe
Ariete petrol pipe     Size 5.00mm x 8.00mm.  Sold in 30cm lengths.  The finishing touch t…
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Breather Pipe ClipBreather Pipe Clip
Breather pipe clip.  Suitable for all Ducati widecase and narrowcase models.  Including 100/125/160/1…
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Valve lifter anchor plateValve lifter anchor plate
Valve lifter anchor plate. Suitable for Ducati narrow and wide case models, including Sebring, Mark3 and Scrambler w…
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Oil Breather pipeOil Breather pipe
Breather pipe. Clear breather pipe suitable for use on all Ducati engines with crank case breather outlet attach…
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Superpractic coverSuperpractic cover
Superpractic B throttle cover. The part that always goes missing!    As used on most Ducati narrow ca…
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Kickstart KitKickstart Kit
Kickstart kit.  Complete with spring, ball, washer and circlip.  Suitable for all Ducati models, …
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