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SSI/UB Carb Air Screw SpringSSI/UB Carb Air Screw Spring
Dellorto SS1 29 and UB 20/22/24 carburettor air srew control spring. Suitable for Ducati narrowcase and widecase models …
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SSI Carb choke springSSI Carb choke spring
Dellorto SSI 29 caburettor choke return spring. Suitable for Ducati narrow and wide case models and many other Italian m…
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UB Carb Slide SpringUB Carb Slide Spring
Dellorto UB 20/22/24 slide return spring. Suitable for Ducati narrowcase models and other Italian motorcycles…
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Damper rod spring (n/c)Damper rod spring (n/c)
Damper rod spring. Suitable for Ducati narrow case models with 31.5mm forks, 100-350 Including Sports, Elite, GT, S…
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SS1 carb slide springSS1 carb slide spring
SS1 carburettor slide spring suitable for 29mm SS1 car as fitted to many Italian motorcycles including Ducati, Mach 1, M…
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Brake light spring (n/c)Brake light spring (n/c)
Brake light spring suitable for narrow case models.  This spring is intended for switches with pull action.…
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Kickstart ratchet engaging spring (widecase)Kickstart ratchet engaging spring (widecase)
Kickstart ratchet spring suitable for Ducati widecase models.Fits inside engine to engage ratchet mechanism.…
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Side stand spring (narrowcase)Side stand spring (narrowcase)
Side stand spring.  Suitable for all Ducati narrow and widecase models.…
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